INWater Submersible Bone Conduction
Wireless Coach System FSW-7800S


We know how difficult it can be to communicate with swimmers during training. High volume and poor acoustics in swimming pools force coaches to scream to be heard by the swimmers, and while swimming they don’t hear you at all.

Today Fitmics present our latest bone conduction technology wireless system and solve those problems and at the same time enjoy a more satisfying and productive workout. It’s perfectly used in the water or special works environment such as underwater training spot or swimming center and surfling-on the water, With this cool gadget that the coach will never need to shout t at the swimmers all the time.

This is An amazing product

By using our wireless bone conduction system, the coach is able to talk with the swimmers while swimming live and in real time. Give instant feedback to the swimmers when they need it. Improve technique, stroke rate, pacing in all strokes. Improve swimming in ways you never thought possible.


1、This product is for entertainment enjoyment in life under the water

2、Through a wireless host various formats music can lead and music.

3、Under the water by means of a bone conduction, the closed state change in the water, children can get refreshing, fatigue resistance

4. In bad listening environment he can improve the security of command

5、It is underwater coaching assistants, solve a thing of the past called breaking the throat.

6、Application : swimming, underwater exploration, underwater ballet, deaf and dumb school sailing

7、Objects that are used now : national swimming team, the Navy, amateur sports schools


Modulation: Digital FM frequency

Audio input: Microphone & Line in

NSR(Signal to Noise Ratio): ≥82dB

Max output power: 10mW


input sensitivity :≤200mV

DS distortion:≤0.7%

FR(Frequency responsible):60Hz-20KHz

Speaker:Bone conduction

Voltage:DC 3.7V

Battery: 310mA Li-poly

Working time: 2 hours

Weight: 30g

Size: 65 x 46 x 12.5mm (L x W x H)