Our Brands


Lesmic is a brand of Military Grade Waterproof Headset Microphone.

Lesmic is a brand of Water Resistant Headset Microphone.

GoMic is a brand of Waterproof Microphone series including Headset / Lavalier / Earset / Shotgun / On-Camera / On-Mobile Microphones.

Mymic is a brand of Waterproof /Water Resistant Wireless Microphone Systems.

INWater is a brand of In Water Wireless Microphone Systems



12 Years in Waterproof Audio and Video Industry.


Over 42 solutions for Waterproof Electronics and Fitness & Leisure Industry.

Global Customers

Served over 5000 customers in Waterproof electronics & Fitness & Leisure Industry.


Sold over 15000pcs Lesmic Fitness Microphones.

Fitmics is an international leading audio & visual solutions provider and equipments manufacturer within Fitness, Health, Dance, Sports and Leisure, Interview abd A/V Shooting industries. Our main focus is to solve the pain points for these industries but not only, Provides durable, high quality, reliable and cost-efficient audio & visual equpments for our global clients to solve their facing problem.

Unlike most of audio & visual equipment manufacturers with industrial production, Many Fitmics products are 100% handcraft, This difference production is not related to the production cost, but determined by the different market demands that we focused on. Fitmics products are designed to solve the pain points and the practical difficulties we are facing in our daily life and work of the industries. In fact, Most of the audio and video equipment manufacturers also noticed these pain points but have no idea solving these pain points with industrial production. At this point, FITMICS was bred to produce these devices manually so as to solve the problems in daily work and life.

Fitmics product range includes Waterproof headset microphones, Waterproof Eearset Microphones, Waterproof Lavalier Microphones, Waterproof Shotgun Microphones, Waterproof On-Camera / On-Mobile Microphones, Water resistant wireless mic systems, Waterproof Wireless mic systems, Cordless headset Wireless Mic systems, In water wireless mic system, In water wireless coach system, Cardio Theater system, wireless bar audio system and wireless tour guide system. All of these equipments was designed base on the real demands of each industry's different environment.

Our products are being used in thousands of facilities such as Commercial Health and Fitness Clubs, Governments and military, Colleagues, Universities, Schools, Sports Bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Airports, Corporations, Waiting Rooms, Lobbies, Hotels, Factories, Malls, Hospitals and Cafes, Outdoor sports around the world.