GoMic - Bendable Water Resistant

(IP65) Fitness Headset Microphone


GoMic is a cost efficient sweat-resistant headset microphone designed specifically for Fitness & Aerobic industry, This is an ideal fitness headset microphone for GX instructor with the features of sweat-resistant, Good sound quality, Durable, reliable and lightweight, This microphone is perfect for Fitness & Aerobic instructors who requires high quality and performing vocal pickup in humid enviroments.


1. Sweat-proof mic element avoiding interruptions or "sweat failures" during your class.

2. Flexible and slim gooseneck boom for close talk and easy mic positioning.

3. Fully adjustable headband for the most comfortible fit for any instructor's head size. Never worry about the mic drop down even if making rapid activities as it stayed on the head tightly after the right frame adjusting.

4. Easy wear-on design and rubber tube on the headset for comfortable wearing and touching. .

5. Whole headband & Cable & Connector are waterproof and sweat-proof for long-lasting Durability

6. Enhanced cable for enduring 100kg pulling force tolerance.

7. Sweat Boot technology and epoxied connector for better protection of bodypacks.

8. High quality sweat-proof mic capule Provides high-quality vocal pickup

9. Made primarily for light-use for indoor and outdoor fitness & Aerobic instructors.

10. Optional 10 colors: Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, White, Brown, Grey

11. Compatible with any wireless body pack transmitters.


Mic Type: Sweat-proof Headset microphone

Capsule Type: Electret Condenser

Direction: Unidirectional

System: Back electret

Frequency Range: 100Hz ~ 4kHz

Nominal impedance 4.4k Ohms

Sensitivity -50dB ±3dB @ 74dB SPL

Maximum sound pressure 130 dB

Power supply: DC current 1.5-9 V

Working temp.: 0-40 °C

Weight: 45 g

Cable: 1.2m

Optional Connectors:

1. 3.5mm(1/8") TRS / TRRS Stereo Jack

2. Sennheiser Stereo 3.5mm Screw Lock Connector

3. AKG/Samson TA3F Mini XLR 3Pin Connector

4. Shure / Fitness Audio / Electro-Voice / Telex TA4F mini XLR 4Pin Connector

5. MiPro XLR 4Pin type Connector

6. Audio-Technica Hirose 4Pin Connector