LeMic Wind Screens / Mic Foams


The oval headset mic foam / windscreen will protect your Fitness headset microphones from spit,
sweat and the elements. This microphone windscreens will help to reduce occurrences of vocal popping and wind noise.

Most headset microphones for fitness are tuned to perform best with a windscreen installed.
The oval foam balls are designed to work perfectly with below head-worn fitness microphones.


Size: S

Oval Windscreen Fit Guide Compatible with:

Emic / Aeromic / Cyclemic

Lesmic / Gomic / Trantec TS66

SAMSON QE / Samson Airline 77 / Airline 99

Special Project SP-746 / Special Project SP-H2O

Voice Technologies VT720W


Size: M

Oval Windscreen Fit Guide Compatible with:

Shure SM31 /Shure PGA31

YesMic / Soundtechnic FITNESS 1

AKG HC644 MD / C520 / C555 / C544


Size: L

Oval Windscreen Fit Guide Compatible with:

Shure PG30 / Shure WH20

Audio-Technica PRO-8 / AT889

Sennheiser ME2 / ME3