Mymic - FSW-1000BG
Single Beltpack Type Commercial Sweatproof Wireless Headset Mic System with GoMic Water-Resistant Headset Microphone


Mymic Sweatproof Headset(Beltpack type) Wireless Mic Sytems are the design for fitness industry, It's a TRUE SWEATPROOF headset which is specially designed for fitness & sports to protect the headset microphone away from sweat, You will never worry about the microphone to be damaged by sweat no matter how much the sweat is, It's the highest waterproof rating level(IP68) fitness microphone in the industry.

Easy wear-on style of the headset for comfortable use, And the headset can be adjusted according to different people's head size. Flexible and slim gooseneck boom for close talk and easy mic positioning.

The bodypack transmitter uses 2pcs of AA batteries as the power supply and providing more than 8 hours of continous teaching.

Mymic Sweatproof headset Wireless Mic Systems provides over 100 meters transmission range. The Wireless Receiver provides 32-96(Region dependent) channels with PLL Frequency digital synthesis for interference-free performance. For fast setup, Infrared setup technology wirelessly matches the channel of the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver's True Diversity design minimizes dropouts while tone key technology prevents unwanted noise when your transmitter is off or out of range.


UHF 32 / 96 Channels receiver, PLL Frequency digital synthesis

High-fidelity cartridge module

Infrared carrier-frequency synchronization

Super anti-jamming circuit design

Super-low background noise

Frequency auto-search(search non-interference frequency)

Scope of application: Sports and Fitness Instruction

Using the latest SAW filter of the RF

Frequency Range: UHF 500-980Mhz(Region dependent)

Frequency Stabilization:<±30ppm


Total Harmonic(THD):〈0.5%

Frequency Response:40Hz~18KHz±3dB

Audio Output: Separate Type:0~±500mV Mix Type:0~±300mV


Transmitter Power:10mW

Modulation Mode: FM

Maximum Deviation:±45KHz

High Harmonics: More than 40dB(with carrier)

Battery Voltage: AA x 2pcs

Battery Life: 8 hours

Power Switch Noise: Provide with perfect switch


Power Supply:AC100~240/45-60Hz

External DC Power:12~18V

Power Consumption:5W

S/N Ratio:〉90dB

P/N Ratio:〉80dB

F/N Ratio:〉80dB

Receiving sensitivity:5dBu(SINAD=20dB)